Singapore - February, 2013

Both Hamilton and Helena have ministered at IFGF Singapore earlier this year, and made a great impact, particularly in the fundamental areas of evangelism, repentance, and Baptism of Holy Spirit (you can see their ministry in IFGF Singapore via the youtube links on the right). Despite having no eyesight, the Lord Jesus is amazingly using Rev Hamilton's life to touch many people.
Fendi Hutomo

It was a day well spent listening to Hamilton and Helena sharing with us how to become effective in bringing people into the Kingdom of God. Both presented the points very clearly and made it practical and easy to understand and follow with many Scriptures to back up what they are saying. I found their presentation direct and helpful and i will certainly apply.

Im very encouraged with the 3step model to witness - the purest representation of what we are to do in witnessing - Repent, put yr faith in Jesus, be baptised in water (not by sprinkling but immersion) receive the Holy Spirit. Hamilton explained on how baptism affects the authority of God in us which is a useful reminder. He gave us many more useful pointers as well which are very helpful. The simple bible study method using 3 basic symbols is very good and i can use for myself at home and in my cell group. Everything shared can be applied immediately. Just need more courage to do it.

I was also healed of hip pain on my left hip when Hamilton prayed for me! Someone saw my my left leg grew to same level of my right leg!! Thank you Jesus!!!

Bro Eric, please thank Hamilton and Helena, who God's faithful servants moving in the power of the Spirit and blessing us at FCAP with this wonderful session. Thank you too Eric for making this possible.

God bless Hamilton and Helena mightily and grant them the desires of their heart. God's protection by the Blood of Christ cover them wherever they go, and His preservation and provision follow them all the way. Amen.
Shalom Blessings,