Flyer for our first ministry in Korea

Hamilton with Young, our interpreter Seoul

Pastor's training in Seoul, Korea

Pastor's Training

Breakthrough! Many were baptized on account of our teaching.

South Korea - September, 2012

Our next stop was in Seoul, Korea. Earlier this year we ministered with several Korean groups here in Los Angeles, and through these contacts the door opened into Korea. Korea is widely known for Dr. Yonggi Cho's Full Gospel Church, the largest Christian church in the world. But Korea is still only 20 percent Christian, which is huge for Asia, but the church growth momentum of the 1980s has slowed down considerably. Four Presbyterian churches came together in Seoul and during the day we trained the pastors in evangelism and church planting. At night we did revival and healing meetings where we saw a great breakthrough with many healings and many receiving the baptism with the Holy Spirit. Though the pastors were baptized with the Holy Spirit, they were unsure of how to get their people baptized with the Holy Spirit. We also found that infant sprinkling was quite a dominant practice in Korea. We taught on the believer's baptism and several of the pastors and their wives were baptized. They have subsequently taught and baptized their people.

These are a few testimonies just as we received them from our interpreter, Young, in South Korea:

New Creation Church:

Pastor Jho. Got a revelation on water baptism through the word and has baptized most of the church members and is encouraging. Teaching and encouraging people (Korean missionaries who have come to Seoul from all over the world to participate in the revival meetings for missionaries sponsored by COME MISSION).

Young. Got a better knowledge on how to tell people about the gospel (focusing on Jesus) and how to pray for them and a million dollar question and leading them to Jesus. God gave me a heart for the lost. Revelation on water baptism and experienced freedom and now encouraging people to get baptized in a biblical way.

Joosung (Young's son--16 years old). Got baptized in water. Had a dream after the baptism (an evil man was coming after him to kill him but he cut him to pieces with a sword and escaped from that man). He got excited because he thinks that this is not an ordinary dream but something very special and spiritual which came from God.

A lady. Baptized in water and has experienced spiritual freedom.

A man. Baptized in water and has experienced spiritual freedom. Felt something like fire inside of him during the evening message and God has given him a heart for the lost. (Has been going around telling the gospel). Repentance and better relationship with his wife. (They had been quarreling a lot).

A college girl. Baptized in water and has experienced spiritual freedom.

A man. Has been healed of his chronic pain in his legs that came every few months (couldn't sleep at night because of this pain).

A man. His backache got healed and he was very encouraged by the attitude of Pastor Hamilton towards God. (Pastor Hamilton was always giving thanks to Jesus).

Boramae Church:

Pastor Park. Got a deeper revelation on water baptism and gave baptism to every believer in his church. The anointing of the Holy Spirit on Sunday meetings has increased. A man with cataract has been cured completely and has been baptized with the Holy Spirit and in water and is able to speak in tongues.

A man with a hearing problem because of his old age has been cured and has received Jesus and got baptized with the Holy Spirit.

His wife. Thankful to God and to Pastor Hamilton for being blessed of getting baptism in water by immersion just as the bible teaches us. Experienced the spiritual rest and freedom after the baptism. Blessed of having a better revelation on salvation, baptism of water and of the Holy Spirit and tongues.

A lady (Lee Won na). Baptism of the Holy Spirit (tongues).

A lady (Kin Hwal-lan). Experienced renewing of the spirit by speaking in tongues. Healing of her knee and skin disease.

A lady (Kang Hye-jung). Realized the importance of the baptism on the Holy Spirit. Renewing of her spirit by speaking in tongues.

A man (Jung Hyung-man). Was encouraged by the message of taking the altar out of the church and believing the gospel and doing the healing ministry.

A man (Lee Jung-ho). Baptism of the Holy Spirit and tongues.

A man (Yoo Won-choon). Baptism of the Holy Spirit and tongues.

A man. Encouraged by the message that every believer is a priesthood.

A man. Blessed of going back to the Word from the doctrines of men through the revelation of baptism in water and of the Holy Spirit. Conviction that many diseases that he has in his body are going away.

A man. Has seen the healing ministry of Jesus and got a revelation that every believer is able to baptize and heal the sick.

A man. Felt something come inside of him when he got the impartation.

A man. Got healed of his disease by laying on of a hand (not by a pastor but by a lay person) and it was challenging to him.