Tribal elder on his way to the Wednesday Night Healing Service at Pastor Anwar's church.

A family on their way to the Healing Service.

20,000 - 25,000 attended the Healing Service.

The crowd erupts in praise!

Greeting the people.

Ministering at the Healing Service.

Pastor Anwar

Harvest Houses training in Lahore.

Eager to learn.

Harvest House training in Gujranwala.

Harvest House training in Gujranwala.

Harvest House training in Gujranwala.

We enjoy sharing the ministry.

Pakistan - September, 2012

From Singapore we flew into Pakistan, and with great joy spent a week with Pastor Anwar, Nida, their children and the church. Everyone is doing well. The Wednesday night meeting was absolutely packed with at least 25,000 people in attendance. Hamilton preached on the Name of Jesus and there was a tremendous flow of miracles and salvations.

About 2,000 attended the Harvest House training at Pastor Anwar's church. We stressed how to share the Gospel by telling the story of Jesus, His death and resurrection. There is a widespread denial in those parts of the world that Jesus died on the cross because, "God would never have allowed that to happen." The Lord has helped us to explain with clarity and power how and why it had to happen. We also taught on water baptism and baptism with the Holy Spirit. We have found that, whether in America, Pakistan or the rest of the world there is such a need to stress these foundational doctrines. It is the very entrance into the Kingdom of God, without which the church is ineffective in expanding the Kingdom. Several hundred were baptized as a result.

We repeated this training in two more cities, Gujranwala and Rawalpindi. The church in Pakistan is so appreciative of any and all efforts by those sent from the outside to minister to them. It is with the greatest hospitality that we were received and the message and ministry were held in high regard.

Rawalpindi will be a focus for next year for further training and a crusade. Rawalpindi is an historic city adjacent to the modern capital of Islamabad. Together these two cities represent the seat of government and military power in Pakistan.

Our trip to this area also included a Peace and Harmony Conference in Islamabad, organized by the sole Christian senator in the central government. It was attended by government leaders and politicians and Hamilton boldly addressed the need for truth and integrity and proclaimed salvation and the new birth through faith in Jesus. God's hand moved powerfully and there are many very interesting testimonies and open doors that came from this. It is just too sensitive to share over the internet.

Isaac TV is having a tremendous impact on the entire country. It is reaching into tribal and troublesome areas that are far beyond the reach of the Christians in the land. We did several recordings for Isaac TV while we were there.