Hamilton and Angie in front of the Hagia Sofia (Holy Wisdom) Basilica in Istanbul, Turkey. Angie grew up in Portland OR in the same church as Jim Elliot, the famous missionary who was martyred in South America. His martyrdom inspired her as a young girl to become a missionary, and she has been serving in Turkey for 37 years. God has used her greatly and she opened the door to Turkey for us.

Hamilton & Helena - The first Hagia Sofia was erected in 360 AD, then burnt down. This building was erected in 600 AD, and later converted to a Mosque, when the 4 minarets were erected. Today it is a museum.

The City of Istanbul. The body of water is the Bosphorus which connects the Black Sea eventually to the Mediterranean.

Turkey - December, 2012

It is on Turkish soil that the message of the gospel to the Gentiles first took root through the ministry of the apostle Paul. It is the land of Antioch, Galatia, Ephesus (ministry of Paul), Pontus, Cappodicia, Bithynia (Peter) and the Seven Church of Revelation (John). More than 50 percent of the New Testament was written either to or from Turkish soil. However, the modern day Turks are descendants of Muslim tribes that migrated from central Asia starting in the 11th century and eventually became the Ottoman Empire. It was heavy on our hearts that this land of the New Testament is 99 percent Muslim today with only 0.6 percent Christian. Hard to believe, but this is the same percentage as in Buddistic Thailand where we ministered in September.

We live for the preaching of the Gospel and the ingathering of the End Time Harvest, and these types of statistics drove us into deeper intercession for the nations. In preparation for the trip, we had been praying through the Book of Isaiah, chapter by chapter, concentrating on the prophesies concerning the Lord Jesus and His supremacy over every power and authority that has asserted itself over the nations of the earth. There are powers and principalities of the evil one that have set up domes of darkness over entire nations to keep the light of the Gospel from the population. We set aside the time to pray several evenings per week, declaring the supremacy of the Lord Jesus over all powers and nations. So often we pray only for our immediate needs, but there is great power and effectiveness when we lift our prayers to a higher level. It lays the foundation for unexpected breakthrough. Paul wrote:

His intent was that now, through the church, the manifold wisdom of God should be made known to the rulers and authorities in the heavenly realms according to his eternal purpose which he accomplished in Christ Jesus our Lord. Ephesians 3:10

One of the major principalities in Turkey established itself in ancient Constantinople, which is Istanbul today. It was here that Christianity became the state religion of the roman Empire. Magnificent basilicas were erected and the professional clergy's duties were bound to the altar area inside.

Jesus commissioned us to "GO," but now all the arrows pointed to the building and to this day the church expects the unsaved to come to where they are to hear the gospel. This is a major worldwide stronghold preventing the ingathering of the End Time Harvest. We addressed this principality in the Wednesday night healing meeting in Istanbul, and the next day the church was granted permission to have an open air event for the first time ever.