Hamilton and Pastor Laith in Duhok, Iraq. Pastor Laith, his leaders and people received the Baptism with the Holy Spirit.

Pastor Laith's church. Previously there were no Spirit-filled churches in Duhok.

Pastor Laith's church.

The City of Duhok is in Northern Iraq. This part of Iraq is semi-autonomous and is called Kurdestan. It is very peaceful and free from terrorism and sectarian violence.

Currently, most believers are from Catholic and Orthodox background. Pastor Laith said until now they were fearful and lacked the power of the Holy Spirit to evangelize Muslims.

We were invited to dinner in this family's home. Their mother tongue is Aramaic, the same as Jesus spoke. Ancient lands!

Pastor Laith at the dinner.

Street scene in Duhok. The city has a booming economy based on oil fields developed after the Iraq War.

A Kurdish man in traditional dress. The Kurds have a movement for independence. They desire their own country that would include Eastern Turkey, Northern Iraq, and parts of Syria and Iran. It is a sensitive issue opposed by these countries.

Street scene in Duhok. No old clunkers on the road!

Duhok is in surrounded by mountains. It is dry and deserty like Palm Springs in California. They get winter rain and it was very cold and rainy when we were there.

Pastor Laith, Hamilton, Helena and Leham (Pastor Laith's wife)

Iraq - December, 2012

In Iraq, the Lord used us to bring a clear teaching on the baptism with the Holy Spirit to a group of churches. There had been no spirit-filled churches in this area and the power of the Holy Spirit is key to the harvest in the Islamic world. The main leader got baptized with the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues, as did many of his leaders and people as well as several pastors from surrounding towns. The pastor said that, without the power of the Holy Spirit, they had been in fear and ineffective in the harvest. We believe the Lord used us to help lay foundations for the church in Northern Iraq to become fearless and effective in preaching the gospel.