Together with Reinhard Bonnke in Singapore.

Singapore - August, 2012

The day before we left the United States, the pastor in Singapore emailed us that Reinhard Bonnke would be there that week and that there was a chance for us to meet him. What a surprise! As a young man of 19, Hamilton sat in one of Reinhard's meetings in South Africa when the Lord spoke to him, "You will one day do what Reinhard is doing." That was the seed for the crusade ministry that would come forth years later in Pakistan. We were so excited to meet Reinhard as we were included in a private dinner of about 12 people. The conversation turned to the beginning days of Reinhard's ministry in South Africa and how the Lord spoke to Hamilton back then and what has happened in Pakistan since then. Reinhard encouraged us and laid his hands on us to receive a greater impartation for the nations. What a blessing!