Official Name: Islamic Republic of Pakistan
Capital: Islamabad
Neighbors: Afghanistan, Iran, China, India
Size: Slightly less than twice the size of California
Population: 162 million (2005 estimate)
Religon: 97% Muslim
Language: Urdu, English
Adult Literacy: 37.8%
Poverty: 34% below poverty line

In a country affected by terrorism and political unrest, the Lord has sparked an inextinguishable flame of revival. The gospel is rapidly advancing in Pakistan.

In 2003, Hamilton and Helena Filmalter followed the Lord’s call and teamed up with Pastor Anwar Fazal of Eternal Life Ministries of Lahore, Pakistan. Together they found themselves at the epicenter of an unstoppable move of the Spirit, with hundreds of thousands of Pakistanis coming to Jesus and being absorbed into a church planting movement spreading across the nation.